Rental Policy

Rental Fees

The Williamsville Hall is available to all groups, organizations or individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.

Summer (May 1 – October 15)

Free to non-profit organizations and non-profit youth activities.

  • Newfane residents’ activities $100/day
  • Non-resident activities- $200/day

Winter (October 16 – April 30)*

Free to non-profit organizations and non-profit youth activities and widely advertised community events**

  • Newfane residents’activities $150/day
  • Non-residents’ activities $250/day

* The hall is actually closed for much of the winter. Please contact the Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectmen at
(802) 365-7772 for information on availability and on any additional costs associated with opening the hall for an event.

** “. . .widely advertised community events” are defined in the Willamsville Hall Use Policy document available below.

Rental Policies

General Description: Hall rental requires a security deposit and a rental fee. Renters are required to do their own cleanup, restoring the hall to the condition it was in before the rental. The security deposit is returned when the hall passes a post-event inspection. (If the cleanup is insufficient the hall will be re-cleaned by our staff and the cost will be deducted from the deposit.) Renters must also sign a rental agreement and, if indicated, provide a certificate of insurance.

The complete conditions and requirements are contained in the following (PDF) documents:

Williamville Hall Use Agreement Checklist (PDF)
Williamsville Hall Use Policy (PDF)